Linking Two APIs together


I have a GoogleMap and API together in my application.
I am wondering if there is a way where I can link these two.

For example,
If I search either a team’s name or team’s address in the search bar,
google map pin points that address and it shows only the searched team’s website below.

would this be a possibility? thank you!

It would not be an actual linking of two APIs. It would rather be an app whose function would be to:

  • Display locations as pins on a map element
  • User can click on a pin and see that information displayed as desired … a repeating group, a group with texts and images, a page with groups, repeating groups, text elements, image elements, etc

Following you will find three videos that approach visualizing or managing data in maps . They do not address your specific question … but I thought their contents could show you some of what can be done with maps data, maps elements and map workflows in Bubble:

Best of luck with your project :+1: