Linking, Unlinking Things Dynamically

When u create a field in the database which links to another type, and make it as a list, you’re NOT telling bubble that the value('s) for this field will be all entries of the linked type.

All you’re telling bubble is that this field can hold “Things” from the linked type as value’s, when a new thing in the current type is created.

Now when i create a new thing in the this type, you can specify which things of the linked type will be contained in this field.


What if i want to tell bubble that this field of this newly created thing should contain all things of the linked type, BUT NOT IN A STATIC WAY, BUT DYNAMIC, so whenever the linked table is updated, (like when a new thing is added to it), the currently created thing should keep updating to contain the newly created things in the linked type down the road.

AND IS IT POSSIBLE WITH A CONSTRAIN? so when i tell bubble to save a new thing, and include in the linked field only those things that has this and that, and later the linked table gets updated, changing the things that are qualified for this constraints, is it possible to update the list contained in this field accordingly in real time?

Hi @cheskiefisch,

Type A contains a list field of Type B

You want to know how to automate updating Type A every time a new Type B is created, right? And, sometimes you only want to update Type A depending on constraints for Type B.

I’m going to assume that you have multiple Type A records in your database.

First, you need to create a workflow every time Type B is created: “Make a change to a list of Type As”. The Type A’s involved will be up to your own logic, but you need to identify them first (Search for Type A’s with constraints, etc.)

Then, the field to change for those Type A’s is the List field. “List field add result of previous step (creation of Type B)”

You’ll need to use action (or event) conditions to dictate when this change action happens. Meaning, if the new Type B qualifies to be added.

thanks, let me see if it make sense with my case