Links in bubble email workflow not working? Bug?

I have been sending e-mails from my bubble app using the “email > send email” workflow.

In the body of the “send email” workflow, I have been putting a partial URL to a page on my bubble app, followed by the unique ID of the database entry that I want to display on this page to the recipient.


The first parameter “view” is displaying a group and the second parameter"databaseentry" is displaying data from a specific entry from my bubble database in that group.

This was working fine last night, but tonight, after opening this link in the e-mail, the following url is now being displayed in the web browser instead, causing this method not to work:

I don’t recognise this piece of code in the URL above: %22e - that is replacing the parameter I have set up.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? I have checked my email workflow several times, but the partial URL is displayed correctly. Banging my head trying to figure this one out.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

PS - the links above are an example and don’t work, but the parameters used are the same.

Can you provide screenshot of the email and the “group” value
the %22 is " once decoded. This mean that you don’t have & between view and databaseentry. The databaseentry parameter is also not present in the last url.

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