Linktree Browser - Broken Bubble functionality

Hi - when my Bubble site loads in Linktree’s mobile browser on ChromeOS (e.g. when linking from Instagram), a lot of Bubble functionality doesn’t work. For example, buttons are whited out and don’t function, mobile responsive settings don’t work. If I click to open the site in another browser like Chrome, my mobile functionality does work. (I tested this on an iPad and this issue seems to be specific to Android devices)

Is this a known issue? Any solutions?

Have you done any google searches to see why this might be, (assuming it’s linktree doing it?).

I have never seen anyone say their app doesn’t work in this way.

There have been repeated issues with the in-app browsers of Facebook and Instagram. Just search the forum and you’ll find plenty of posts.

Generally seems to be related to caching that Facebook/Instagram uses to speed up their in-app browsing experience. Bubble have pushed fixes previously - best to load a bug report.

IMO there’s only so much that one can do when it comes to browser compatibility. Personally i just make sure my apps work on commonly used browers. Chrome, Firefox and (if i feel like it) Safari.

I always encourage my users to use the browsers i test in if they experience issues.

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