Liquid gauge issues

I am trying to have the liquid gauge rise when I move the slide but the liquid gauge is not visible. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong

Live page

is visible on page load checked?

Yes it is

I’m having the same problem.

Hopefull, @levon will figure it out soon.

Did you guys try uninstall and reinstall the plugin? Very often it does the trick

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Deleted the element, and created a new liquid gauge element, all to no avail.

The inspector displays the element is visible=yes, but it is not visible.

I’ve tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Please advise.

we are on it Robert, will update asap on the other thread that you created at ZQ forum

Hey Robert,

Did you add a workflow to your liquid gauge. I added mine with the improvements and I am still receiving the same result.

Mine is working. Upgraded to the current version. I have not tested it yet with workflows, but I suspect if it is displaying now, it should continue to regardless.

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