List A copy to List B

Hi all!

I hope sombody can help me, I am looking already from few days but I can not find nothing what can help me.

I have a 2 list of thing`s and one button “Accept”. What I want to do is when you press the button every data from List A will be copy/moved to the List B and data from List A will be deleted. Of course with deleting things its not a problem but with the rest it is.
Do sombody know how should I build a workflow to make it work?

You can use, when clicked a button, make changes to a thing, then set List B to List A. After that, delete list A.

I tryied this one already but I,m not really sure what I do wrong.
So I made this one:

Where …saved is my list when I want to copy everything and list …new is the list what can be delete after moving. I’m not sure if I set this correct but this is not working.