List all Fields of a Data Type in a RepeatingGroup



I’m building a “Data” page for an admin panel app & I want this page to:

  1. Show all Data Types in a Repeating Group
  2. For each item in the Repeating Group:
    1. After it’s clicked, I want to output a Popup with a form in it, in which I could edit all fields of the selected Data Type.

More Specifically:

  1. How to list all Data Types in a Repeating Group ?
  2. How to list all fields of a Data Type in a Repeating Group ?

How I would do it in Django:

List all Data Types:

  1. data_types = get_app_config(‘admin’).get_models()
    List all fields of a Data Type:
  2. fields = model._meta.get_fields()
    & then I would simply iterate over them in my template

Is there a Bubble equivalent of the above? Thanks in advance !

Hi there, @alihankelden70… the short answer is you can’t do what you described. We don’t have access to the data types and fields for the purpose of displaying them in a repeating group, and you can’t edit a data type’s fields from the front end. You could get the display part working by using one or more option sets, but you would have to manually keep the option sets in sync with your data types and fields, and again, you wouldn’t be able to edit the actual fields via the option sets.

So, essentially, the admin panel you are trying to create is the Data >> Data types tab in the editor, and you can’t recreate that tab on the front end.


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