List all fields of a database entry on a page

Hello all,

I would like to list all fields of a database entry on a page. How am I able to do that?

Hello, this is very basic function for any bubble project. Have you watched the first couple of tutorials?

Check those out it will show you step by step to do what you are looking for.

Maybe I was not precise enough. The page has a certain “type of content” that I am sending to the page. Now I would like to list all fields of this type on the page automatically. Let’s say that I have a “list of shoes” on a main page. I can choose one of the shoes from this list and open its separate “details” page. When I do this I send the “Shoe (type of content)” to this new page. On this new page I want to list the fields of the shoe automatically (size, type discount etc).

How can I do this?

Do you mean the field names or the field values?

This is still a basic function of Bubble. Maybe start with some video tutorials but it can be done pretty easily. Start with setting up your database structure. Make a type called shoe, with some fields like Name, Description, price, etc.
I would start really small and make it almost like a practice app because it would need to be more complicated if you want it to be a real store, because there are SKU numbers for each variant of a shoe, color options for every SKU, etc, so I would ignore all of that for now.

You can do it on one page but you can start with two pages. Make one page for browsing shoes, then make another page for the actually shoe product page. Make that page’s type “Shoe”