List car shopping

I have a shopping cart that I need to print the cart intensities along with the item quantity in front of the item.


But at the moment it is like this.

1, 2 Chicken, Coca-Cola

It is configured as follows

Here… use :format as text on the repeat8ng group’s product …then this produtos quantity and this produtos product name is the dialogue

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Here should give you more options

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Ah yes I found, how should I configure the format content a text

Would be this pedido de produte‘s quantidade - this pedido de produtes nome

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Delimiter is a new line

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I configured as follows

That was the result

You should have THIS PEDIDO DE PRODUCTOS available to you

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I didn’t get to the expected result, how do I share the project with you?

Drop your screenshots of the current setup here and I’ll take a look in my morning (I’m in the U.K.), or someone else will help you - if you’re still stuck I can have another look :slight_smile:

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Okay, I believe that I don’t know how to use “format content as text”

I don’t know how “format content as text” works, that’s why this difficulty

You need to move the format as text one word closer to the list, as shown above.

Delete all of that in the details per item box, then use the dynamic text builder to choose “this produto” which will bring alive all the usual fields to choose - your name and quality etc, use it to craft a single line of the out put you want, with the quantity, the hyphen, and the name.
Then your delimiter (the text between rows) is an enter key for a new line

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It worked, fantastic

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Yes! Great news! Well done!

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