List contains not finding value in list

I have nested repeating groups where I display a checkbox which toggles that rows existence in an “exclusion” list.

WHEN that row exists in the list, I want the check box to be empty. When it doesn’t exist, the check box should be checked.

The data for both RG’s is returned perfectly, the only part that doesn’t work is the check icon itself.

This works perfect for my primary repeating group, but I cannot, for the life of me get it to work in the sub repeating group.

This works:

This doesnt:

DataList is a text list, which is why I’m looking at unique ID.

I’ve used the inspect tool and I see where the primary RG’s condition is met.

I see the inspect tool shows the sub RG’s condition is not met, but I can verify using my eyeballs and looking at the data that it is, in fact, there.

Any ideas how I can get around this? I’ve used :count > 0, and several other methods to try and get around it, but honestly it should just work like the other, similar, piece works.

I’m like dead locked if anyone can help :frowning:

When I added the list to the database I used the “ADD” command instead of “ADD LIST” This made it look valid to the eye, but only inserted 1 row which contained the entire list.

Changing to “ADD LIST” resolved my problem.

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