List in a parent group


Is there any way to have a list of data in a parent group ?
Exactly making a search do in a group A and retreive the hole list (not 1 data) in the group under the A.
Thanks for help

I am having this when I try to retreive the hole list, and don’t need the first item only.


Now, for each fields to show in the page I need to do a Search For, and it making the loading page slower (I think).
I am hoping if I do a Search For in the group containing the fields, for one time, and then for each field I will do Parent group, maybe it is better for the time needing
Maybe I am wrong

Hey @anas001122 ,

You wouldn’t be able to have the data source of a group return a list. It would need to be a single item. You could do a search using a repeating group, and put a group inside of a single cell in that repeating group . That group could then have “current cell’s ______” as a data source. Post some more details about you’re trying to accomplish/how you’ve set up your db and we’ll be in a better position to offer some tips :wink:

Your idea of the repeating group works perfectly and resolved my issue. Thanks for the tips.
I put a RG inside the group containing fields and then for each field I did RG’List of Data… then I could do sum, count…

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