List in Bubble is not a real list

I guess this has to be said, so here I am saying it: List in Bubble is actually a structure between list and set.

  • It has list properties because order matters.
    • In a proper set, order doesn’t matter.
  • It has set properties because multiplicity is ignored (no duplicate things).
    • In a proper list, you can add the same item more than once.

For people new to the concepts, the practical effect is that you can’t add the same thing twice to a list. I am guessing the implementation of this in the background is based on the unique ID of a thing (i.e., there can’t be two things in a list of the same unique ID).

I am also not sure whether we should have two separate structures. Maybe this is the sweet spot between these two. Obviously, Bubble List is an abstraction. Abstractions limit what we can do with them, but they also enforce creativity and problem-solving on another level.