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List iteration and reordering

Hello Bubbleers,

pretty new to Bubble, created sites before with CMS Joomla.
I struggle weeks to create reorganization of list. Here is what I try to achieve on clear example.

Cars thing (table)

  1. Lambo
  2. Ferrari
  3. Porsche

I need to process in to new list with different ordering - moving in index
Car sets Thing (table)
Lambo | Set 1
Ferrari | Set 1
Porsche | Set 1

Porsche | Set 2
Lambo | Set 2
Ferrari | Set 2

Ferrari | Set 3
Lambo | Set 3
Porsche | Set 3

Now I tried List Shifter plugin, so I was able to rotate list once. However I need to iterate through list of e.g. 100 cars and make it all in database. I do not need frontend for this or to press buttons on frontend.
I just want to create new thing with modified orders of lists to sets.

Thank you for help