List not going to the backend

Hey everyone!

I’m having a strange issue where I’m trying to send a list of dates to the backend and can see them going through the debugger but when I check the logs, the list seems empty.

Here’a what I see in the debugger

Here’s what I see in the server logs

The other thing is that, when I send the next list of dates in the same session, list of dates which I was trying to send previously are going to the backend.

Am I missing something here?

Hey @maheshkasindi :wave:

Without looking at the whole picture here, my guess would be that the order of the steps might be giving you an issue.

Check out the documentation here to see if this might be what you are running into: The Basics - Bubble Docs

Hope that helps. :blush:

Hey J,

That’s the last step in the Workflow. The issue is simple and straightforward. I can see the list getting loaded to the backend workflow in the debugger, why it is not the same in server logs?
Are there any factors that effect this process?

Just as a test have you tried checking the “ignore privacy rules”? On the front end schedule and the backend call itself

Just tested. Still same.


I have no idea what the problem is (other then possibly something with sync/async) but there is this plugin if you search for “store temp data”, it is free… No idea if it will help you and I have never used it but just throwing it out there (in case you haven’t made any progress on the issue).

Thanks for your response. I’ll try that in a while

You’re sending parameter “date”, a list of dates.

You’re sending parameter “create list of blah de blah” an empty list. Sure you don’t have that backward?

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Keith, I don’t think I understand what you mean. I’m sending a list of dates that are generated using custom Javascript code to the backend where I’ll be creating a list of Database things called “Course dates”.


I just looked at your workflow again, is your step 2 deleting the list before the API workflow gets scheduled? This might be a common case of the step-by-step debugger behaving differently than in realtime

No, it’s not scheduled. I’m deleting some things there and then. Even I doubted that, so I moved it to a Custom event which runs before current Workflow gets scheduled

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