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Just hit 30 videos on my video site (mostly all Bubble).

Trying to get to 100 so any wishes please let me know:)

Create a Ranking of Items

How to split user inputs in Bubble

Bubble API Connector Deep Dive I - JSON Keys

How to do a regular scrape from Parsehub to Bubble

How to sort Bubble when you can’t sort

Making Pretty Chips

Help, I need to connect lots of one thing to lots of another thing in Bubble !

How to get test data into Bubble

Bubble’s Primary Fields

Set a custom state to a count of items in a list in Bubble

Hover to Expand Text in Bubble

Two ways to get a location in Bubble

Extracting #tags’ from text in Bubble

Saving an API call’s results in Bubble

Solving the Null API Connector issue in

Force Google to Index a page in Bubble

Running a Bubble workflow every month

Limiting the number of times a user visits your Bubble page

Creating a Magic Link in

Append text to a list of text

Laying Out Groups on a page in

‘Favourite’ buttons in

12/24 hour clock toggle in

Understanding Bubble’s Drag and Drop Plugin

Replacing a number in text field with a calculated value in

Triggering Integromat from Bubble


Great stuff @NigelG !

Will take a peek for sure :+1:t2:

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Great work Nigel, one for the idea list

  • A detailed ‘simplish’ video on structuring the bubble dB(I personally really prefer everything in a relational way rather than listy/bubbly…)


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Yes, definitely doing a deeper dive on Data.

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Hey, great resource you got going on here. Congratulations on your launch. Would you consider creating video tutorials for the following?

  • Invite other users to join the site feature. (A tutorial in which we ask users to invite their friends and family to create an account) (It would be nice if we can access their contacts)

  • Display data based on user geolocation. (Useful for directory, travel and hotel sites to display listings nearby the user location).

  • Stories feature (Please consider creating a tutorial on how to create a stories feature similar to Snapchat)

  • Encrypted chat (Please consider creating a tutorial on how to create an encrypted chat function similar to WhattsApp).

These are my requests to help you get to 100 videos :upside_down_face:


@NigelG – really helpful videos – thank you for putting this together. A lot of info is packed into these.

In terms of requests for additional ones, I think that creating performant many-to-many searches is an area where there’s a serious knowledge vacuum (a common example is searching a list of Items based on multiple SubjectTags selected).

The method discussed on the forum (advanced filter and :intersect with) breaks down as the database gets larger since the filtering happens client side.

I’m starting to experiment with using joining tables, but even that has some wrinkles in terms of the most performant way of integrating the search on the Item-SubjectTag joining table with the other search filters running on the Item table. And if you end up needing more than one joining table, this complicates things further. I’m working my way through all this, but so far have not seen any resource that provides guidance.