List of images in RG - works fine in html

I have a data type Photos where i store the source url as a text value
The url points to a photo in a cloud bucket and the html to display the list of photos is shown

in bubble, i tried using a Group of type Photos
inside that i placed a repeating group with data source = search for photos
but i get warnings about the mismatch ( im trying to display an image in the RG but the data type is of type TEXT )

if i have a list of text ( uri’s to images in a public , cloud bucket ) it seems like it should be a no brainer to supply the text value or the URI and to come up with an RG containing the images after doing what a browser does - a GET on each image )

also tried below , by going to RG’s row #1 and inserting an image widget there , pointing the value of dynamic image at the photo data’s text element where the URI is stored . that did not work either

where are the docs showing how bubble implements <ul/li/img > tags from the html world .
this should be simple and its not. No CORS issues as seen in the html example - the bucket is public access.

resolved by wrapping as follows
Group / data type = text / source blank
RG / type Photo / source search for Photos
image inside row #1 of the RG
Current cells’s Photo’s URI in dynamic image