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List of Internal Variables tracked by Bubble apart from App

I would like to make a help system that would be based on the page/block/field and help text so I can put a small ? icon at the end of the field and show context sensitive help. Does Bubble track and make available certain internal data like page/block/field names so we can access them on the fly or do we have to manually track/change/manage that data programmatically?

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Hi Joe,

I’m assuming by block/field, you mean group element/field in Thing type? Ex: on homepage, I have a group element that displays dynamic field values for a specific Thing. And you want to display a help text for that specific Thing?

Since Bubble can’t possibly know how your page and elements will be configured in relation to your Things and their fields, you’ll have to construct this yourself, but you can make it so that it’s not too much extra work.

Have a “help text” field (type text) under the Thing type and save the help content there. For displaying this dynamically, I’d recommend using the Tooltip field for the question mark icon. You can make this value dynamic, so you’d just set it to “Thing’s help text” - Users can then hover over the icon and see the text you saved to that field.

If you need to update these things frequently, I’d suggesting building an interface for yourself. Get a repeating group on an admin page and have it be your list of Things and add an input field and button to the RG cell to make the update via workflow (you can also auto-bind here).

Hope this helps. If I completely misread your question… please correct me haha.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble