List of items - form

Hi there!

I will explain the problem:
I want to create a page where the user can make a post, and that post can contain many urls (a list of url).

So I’m creating the page of the “form”, but at the moment to create the inputs for the urls I don’t know how to create only the quantity of inputs that the user will use. (Some users can have 0 url; others only 1; others 2; etc.).

How can I make to add inputs only when the user decide to add another url?

Create a field called “URLs” under your Form data type, make it type Text and make it a list. For the user when they build their form, have a text input and a + button next to it. When they press the + button make the workflow Make changes to a thing then change your Form data type, and change the “URLs” field and do add Input's value

Then on your form put a Repeating Group and the type will be text, and the data source will be your Form’s URLs

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