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List of listings: Link a type to another under a field to improve search speed

Hi there!

I want to create a list to index another type under a field of a type. I mean, I have a type called Users, and another for Posts. Now, I want to refer to the type posts under a field for the type user. So I need to create a list to “list” the posts under this Type users.

This is to optimize search speed in the future, making the search for posts under users type and not under posts. Since Posts type will be larger, because users will make several posts.

So in a course I am following, when creating a field for the type, there was the option to make this field a “Listing” and to make it a “List” by checking the box. But now I cant see the Listing kind of field.

WAS IT REMOVED? if so, What can I do to emulate this behaviour and get the same result to link a type to another under a field.

Again, I hope I was clear enough so I can get your valuable help! Thank you guys!


Can you put a screen shot of the fields you have for “Users”?