List Of Pages in a Repeating Group

Hi there,

I would like to create a repeating group that will have a listing of pages in my app that meet a certain criteria and then to have a link in that repeating group that would navigate the user to that page.

Does anyone know how I would do this?



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To my knowledge you can’t dynamically get a list of pages from the app - it’s not exposed by Bubble. You would have to store them in the database manually (ouch, painful).

Or you could use a web crawler to crawl your own website and provide a feedback.

Neither of these are ideal!


Thanks Simon,

so if I did it using a table - then I would simply just store the url or just the table name and build the url with an expression - is that how you would do it?

I would creat a database table with page name and URL in. Then you can display the name in the link text and use the URL as the destination for the link. Put it in a repeating group and you have a contents list and you can control what pages are included


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Excellent - thank you for your help!

This was some time ago - but for anyone searching now I had the same requirement and made this plugin to retrieve a list of all the pages in my Bubble app.