List of Pins In Maps - Problem


I’ve got a database with lots of peoples locations, but most are rounded to only the City name.

When listing these on a Map, it’s only showing the last person to sign up in that city.

Is there a way to space out those people so they all show as separate pins, and not just one?

Many thanks,


Hey @cairngormstudios,

Can you attach a screenshot of your issue?

Hello @johnny

Here is a screenshot. There are multiple listings with the same address in the database. The address is set as just “Buenos Aires” with no street etc.

So the map is just piling all the pins ontop of one another, meaning you can only see and click the top one. Is there a way to space them out so you can see all of them?



Maybe if you zoom in?

Unfortunately not, still stays the same.

Hmm, that’s a really interesting issue. I’m honestly not sure. I hope you get a solution soon!