List of Things - remove data and re-populate

Hi folks,

Please help!

The workflow works well, except for this one thing.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to find this bug but… I’m sure it’ll be an easy one, once someone smart and experienced will work it out.

We have a Data type “User” , and it has a field type “Project”, which is a list of Projects.

In the attached example, I took a user called Emily out of a project called Sociable, but she still remains there in the database…

I have attached the whole workflow, but I believe we need to focus on Step 3 and Step 4.

(FYI “Assignees” is a list of users, and “project-assignees” are users that have been assigned to a project)

Many Thanks for looking into it.


Hi there, @peter.grabec… it took me a while to get my head around your workflow, but I think this is what might be happening (and apologies in advance if I am way off base)…

  • Let’s say Emily, Mike, and Peter are currently assigned to project Sociable.

  • You click the button and the first thing the workflow does is remove Emily, Mike, and Peter from Sociable’s assignee’s list. So, the project’s assignee’s list is empty at this point.

  • In step two, some selected users are added back into Sociable’s assignee’s list. We can assume Emily is not one of the selected users because you don’t want her in the project anymore. So, at this point, the assignee’s list for Sociable contains Mike and Peter.

  • In step three, you are looking for users who are in Sociable’s assignee’s list in order to remove the project from their list of projects. Because you recreated the assignee’s list in step two and it now has only Mike and Peter in it, Emily does not get the project removed from her list of projects, and there’s your bug.

So, I think it’s just the ordering of your steps, and again, my apologies if I have completely missed the mark.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc,

Many Thanks for spending your time on this workflow, I much appreciate it, and thank you for the findings.

Yes, I think you might be right, it might just be re-shuffling the workflow, because the “project-assignees” has been updated - it works fine elsewhere - it removes Emily from the database in Projects - Assignees (attached).
Let me start reshuffling the workflow.

Thanks again, I really value your input.


Happy to help, @peter.grabec… hope the reshuffling works!


Unrelated to your issue… On your second image, I noticed your project field was showing something other than a long unique id…Then opened my app and realized you can set the primary display fields to something readable… Wow. Funny how you learn things in Bubble sometimes by random chance. Thanks @peter.grabec for the screenshot which inadvertently saved me a headache I’ve long had with Bubble’s database.

That’s great to hear! Yes, we learn so many other unrelated things along the way, while trying to fix our bugs. I have learned this one from an online course on Udemy.

Here I’ve created simple screenshots for others to guide them through:

Love it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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