List of users not updating?

Hi, sorry I’ve been banging my head against this for too long.

I’m learning bubble by making a simple forum, but I can’t seem to get my data sets to match up. My users are set up thusly:

and my forums (“sets”) are set up like this:

Now, when I create a Set, it lets me added users image

but when I create a User, it won’t seem to let me change their “sets joined” data, no matter what I try.

Any tips on how I do it? Obviously it would be very handy for me to be able to quickly see what sets a particular user has joined.

Can you share your workflow settings too? And did you check your privacy settings?

Sure - I think the main one that’s relevant is below. This would be the landing page where a new user could click to sign up to a specific Set.

I’m wondering if I’ve set up something fundamentally wrong with the data? See when I go to this page to manually add a new user, when I try to add something in the “Sets joined” section it won’t let me add any of the previously made sets.

Oh, and I’ve had a look at privacy, but I’ve not changed anything from the default there.

Sorry, missed the last bit of that workflow - it also has this


I think your workflow should be
Make change to set (Users add Current user)
And right after, Make change to User (Add Step 1 Set)

I don’t see your privacy setting in the screenshot. Not sure what you mean by default setting (normally, there’s no privacy setting).

When you try to manually enter, did you change the primary key? If not, you need to use the Unique ID to enter it manually.

Ah ok, thank you - that looks like it works. Only problem is what’s a sensible way to test it? Ideally I want to go to the “log in” landing page but with all the data about the Set sent to it already. I’m not quite sure how to do that without already being logged in as a user who is already a member of the set. IE right now if I preview on a new account, it takes me to an unattributed login page:

For privacy, by default I mean I haven’t changed any settings, so I don’t think there’s any privacy across any of the data right now:

And yes, I didn’t realise about adding via unique ID - that seems to have worked, so I know that piece of the puzzle is set up correctly.

Thank you for being so helpful so far, it’s hugely appreciated!!

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