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List Popper and Friends: New SSA Plugin for Your Backend Workflow (API Workflow) Needs

Oh yeah, @fernando2, at present List Popper and List Pusher don’t have an option to pop/push an array of items, just a single item.

And while you could do what you want in multiple workflow steps, it would be much more efficient to have a single plugin that supports the behavior you describe. I could gin that up, but not immediately as I’m heading away from keyboard this afternoon.

If you don’t see an update here in 48 hours or so, remind me.

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Great, thanks @keith :wink:

Hey @fernando2 and all the other List Popper fans out there. I just pushed List Popper & Friends v 1.2.2, which adds a new SSA called List Slicer Pusher SSA.

List Slicer Pusher is kind of like a combined List Popper and List Pusher. It takes some list (the “List of Items”) and allows you to slice an arbitrary number of items off of that list (returning the Sliced Items), then it optionally takes a list of “Items to Push” and can push all of those items, or just some number of items on to the remaining List of Items. The Pushed Items, Remaining Push Items, and Remaining List are returned to their respective outputs.

@fernando2 I did pretty thorough checking on this, but there could be edge cases where some combination of configurations do not work (like lots of my plugins, there are NO required fields in List Slicer Pusher, and a lot of potential combinations of functionality making it difficult (if not impossible) to test for all edge cases. But should be pretty solid!

READ THE DOCS in the interface as some options are very fancy. One cool thing is you can make the slicing “dynamic” which means that, however many new items you PUSH, that same number of items is SLICED off the List of Items first. In this way, you could have iterations that, regardless of the number of pushed items, the total length of Remaining Items remains constant until the total number of Items to Push is totally depleted. (Of course, that could also lead to endless recursion if you don’t check for the emptiness of at least one of the output lists to stop recursion.)

Let me know how it works out or if there’s a feature here you need that I didn’t think of.

As always, recall that I work for tips!


I should also note: while coding List Slicer Pusher (it has this dumb name cuz it slices and then pushes), I also cleaned up/updated some used (and unused) code in the other “friends”. Will be releasing a point update to all the SSAs once I have a chance to do a bit of testing.

Thank you Keith! I’ll get to start testing right away :slight_smile:

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Hey @keith, just got round to do some deeper testing and it works really well! You even added some things I didn’t realize I needed, like the “items to push” option. Thank you!

Just one issue I noticed… if you set “items to push” to 0, it treats it as “empty” and adds all items to the list rather than pushing no items.

My use case is that I set this number with a dynamic formula that calculates a number of “items to push” needed to complete a list that should have a fixed number of items.

Ah good catch on the zero condition! I must not have tested that. Will fix it shortly @fernando2!

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Update time: I just pushed version 1.2.3 of List Popper & Friends. This version updates the recently-introduced List Slicer Pusher SSA to accept 0 (zero) as a value in the “# Items to Push” field. The documentation for that field has been updated to reflect this.

@fernando2: When I first saw your message I was like, “oh, duh, I must’ve forgotten that this is a numeric field and it might be 0” (zero is falsey in JavaScript). However, based on the original documentation I wrote, it seems that the “0 is treated as empty” behavior you pointed out was, in fact, intentional on my part. I have no idea why I thought it should work that way. I agree that it should be an option so this new version fixes that. Thanks for pointing it out!


Awesome @keith! Thanks again!

Drinks on me! :wink:

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Hello @keith
I just installing your List Popper plugin, but by following all of your tutorial I found that in my UI screen the plugin not showing on the list (but it appears on WU action ) so I can use it on my screen.
Can you point to me where I can found totorial how to use it or something that I miss out before I can implement the plugin.


Is the forum thread not enough for you?

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