List Shifter is not initialized - List Shifter Error


I got this error on the debugger, I use Listshifter. How to solve this issue? My sort didn’t run right as what I’ve expected, I want to sort it on what the dropdowns value is. but it won’t run because of this.

Anyone could help? Thanks

Is this on page load? Possible sorting before the ListShifter element is loaded? It’s suggesting trigger the sort action from the event “List Shifter Initialized” instead.

Are you on the new Bubble update V21?


Well that error comes direct from ME to YOU. If List Shifter isn’t initialized, you can’t send actions to it. JUST LIKE THE ERROR MESSAGE SAYS, trigger your actions on List Shifter Initialized, not Page Load or some stupid shtuff like that. (I’m paraphrasing, but you get what I’m on about.)


Also: Yeah yeah yeah, I’m sure in V1 List Shifter videos I do stuff on Page Load. But that didn’t last long once other features were introduced. You gotta wait until List Shifter is initialized to interact with it.

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