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List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action

Hi @keith!

Sorry to bore you with this subject again.

I already searched at the forum.

I already asked other people at the forum.

I already saw your videos.

And I already tried a lot.

But, without success.

The reason to insist on this is that I have List Shifter in other modules in my app. And if I can not use this resource (Run JavaScript) with List Shifter I will have to redesign the app to use other plugins. Which is the last option for me.

So… could you please share some examples of how to use ListShifter with “eval(x) aka Run Javascript”?

My issues:

1- The variables you mention on “Documents Pro Tip” do not show for me.

2- The variable available is Original and Shifted List but they do not iterate over the list.

Hi @keith!

As you said before: I really hope you were not eaten by a dingo…

You write them as text literals. You’re writing code.

For example, here’s a script for you:


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Hi @keith!
Very thanks for the clarification.
Now I can use eval(x) aka Run Javascript.
Despite it being written on “Pro Tip” I thought that it worked like a common expression in the editor.
Thanks once again.

Sure i missed something but i couldn’t find out how to do this seemingly very easy task.
The sort function sorts entries but it does not exclude entries, so far i could see. How would i go by filtering entries with list shifter?
Right now i run a workflow to display a filtered list of shifters shifted list in a repeating group but there might be a better build in way to do this.
Am i missing a feature? Can i actually filter items with the list shifter sort action?

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Hello Friends
With the List Shifter can I add an item to the list without having to create it in the database?
In this case the list is not a primitive data type.

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Hey @keith ,

I’m totally stoked to use this plugin and watched all the videos you kindly made.

Unfortunately I may be an idiot, regardless I drew what i’m trying to do right here…

If you could help my nugget of a brain use this plugin i’ll definitely be contributing as getting this to work would be pure ecstasy.

another EDIT: I did it omg. I did it. BUT…how might I remove items from the list based on that x variable?

Kind regards,


Hi, Does anyone know if its possible to swap a value with a value from your database using the list shifter process list function. I could see a bunch of operands and wasn’t sure which one would let me do this.


Hello @Keith ,

I posted my original question in this following thread:

@boston85719 was kind enough to refer me to your plug-in and I’m impressed!

Think it can do what I need but in reading through a large number of posts (not all of them, of course) and watching all your videos, I haven’t seen you specifically refer to this. I’m now at the point where I have to ask. Hope you can help!

My problem is simple. I have a menu and a list of people. I would like to select a menu item, then chose the person it belongs to and build a list. Once complete I want to take the list of data and build orders in the backend. The list in plain English would look as follows:

John: Lager, Burger, Salad
Anne: Ale, Burger, Fries
Sally: Lager, Fried Chicken

In the custom value there would be an entry for each item that includes the menu item and the person for whom it’s for. I’m using commas and semi colons for clarity, I’m not sure what would be needed in actuality. I would also use the item ID and name ID in actuality but again, for visual representation I am not.

john, lager;
john, Burger;
john, Salad;
anne, ale;
anne, burger;
anne, fries
sally, lager;
sally, fried chicken;

From there I would go through the list one at a time and build an order to look like the cleaned up list I first posted.

Can your plug-in do this?

Sounds like all you’re doing is building a shopping cart, really. In your case, a line item in an order has not just the item in question and a price, but an additional bit of data indicating who the item is for.

While I don’t address your specific use case, it might be useful to watch this video about shopping carts. In it, I do show how you might construct and process an order on the backend (using server side plugin List POPPER) to iterate over line items:

Sweet deal, @Keith . You magnificent person. Thank you so much. You do some really great work and now we’re getting places!

I’m trying to understand at what point the user’s devices being turned off, or navigated to a different page can interrupt this workflow. I’ve noticed our customers are quick to hit the lock button on their device the second they hit “submit order”. Given the speed I saw on your video this could be a concern if I’m misunderstanding what’s happening and at which point it’s happening. Right now it’s not an issue because everything writes to the server so the final “submit order” is simply changing one thing from a 0 to a 1 and it’s done. Very quick.

Back to the question, sounds like as soon as the workflow is launched and Bubble has the lists, the rest is done server side - right? So only in a very rare case where the sever and bubble disconnect would we have an issue - did I catch that correctly?

OK - So I’m all clear on list popper. Do you happen to have a video that shows how you were able to create the list in the drag and drop? I think I know how you’re doing it but it you have a video it will likely remove a few trial and error sessions for me.

Last and somewhat related, you showed the performance of using vanilla bubble (and java?) and how well it worked. You mentioned this was all writing to the data base, therefore if two people where logged into the same page it would show on both pages right? Do you have a video for this one too. Just curious about options.

@Keith I think I’m just spoiled here but you were so quick to reply last time, I thought I’d nudge this to see if you could have a look?