List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now Part of Floppy

I’ll definitely need some explanation on how the iterate on list works :grin:

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I am assuming the following checking the code.

  1. You place the element on page and set the list you want to work with.
  2. Then in the WF system you add an action to start the iteration on the element’s list
  3. Use the List Shifter event iterate.
  4. Do stuff!

The plugin will fire that event per element on the list.


Yes, this is correct. Apologies that I’ve not yet been able to make a groovy video about List Shifter! Been a busy couple of weeks that have taken me away from side-Bubbling for a moment…


BTW, it’s kind of self-documenting as well. If you fire the Iterate event, but have no iterate workflow defined, the plugin reports this to the debugger.


Can someone provide a working example? I’ve been unable to do so… it always complains that the list is empty.

List Shifter 1.2 is available. Have to apologize as I think v1.0 was borked on arrival.

ALSO: Getting round to video demos. Here are introductory videos. I’ll get to some of the FANCY stuff this evening.


Building an admin interface (setup):

Basics of List Shifter: reverse, rotate, etc.

Shifting item positions:

Utility functions (selected items, iteration) coming later…


Continuing on… List Shifter: The selected state:


@keith Appreciate the video guides, helpful stuff to get started. Let me know when the new store is launching, get me some quality child repellent :wink:

I’ve been using a drag n drop type system on an app with property photos and as nice as it is, it can be buggy when used in quick succession to change the order of photos. I’ve found the List Shifter to work quite nicely for this, so will probably switch to something like



Hi Keith,

I can’t iterate over a list of texts. Is this expected?



Maybe it’s my karma? :wink:

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Hey @JonL sorry this isn’t working for you. And apologies that I’ve not finished that part of the tutorial vids. Maybe I get there tonight…

Hey @luke2, this is exactly what I’ve been working on for List Shifter V2… making it REAL easy to do drag and drop. Of course, it’s not easy to make a hard thing really easy, so there’s a bit of R&D involved in it still. “Coming Soon-ish” though…


That would be a great move and a nice fusion between the list storing functionality. Yes sounds like a challenge for sure.

Any testing needed, just give me a shout.

You might have noticed (though I’ve not demoed this yet) that not only does List Shifter track “Selected”, but it outputs a list of the LAST TWO selected items. This gives an easy way to swap 2 items, of course.

My goal with V2 is to do something similar with drag/drop groups in a targeted RG.


A quick demo on ITERATION with List Shifter Pro. Apologies for the delay in getting this out. Even though there is some weirdness with audio (Loom decided to screw with my sample rate and so my voice gets crazy deep a couple minutes in), this is still instructive.

So here ya go, basics of looping over a list with List Shifter:


I had to stop and take a break to re-evaluate my beliefs the moment the devil possessed you.



I’d blame Loom for this, @jonl, but it’s more likely an issue with Chrome and/or the audio interface I’m using. Seems like sometimes when I pause, it causes my audio interface to switch from 44.1kHz to 48kHz. And of course, this happens without me being able to tell. Kind of annoying… But funny here.

Anyway, I hope this gets you going with Iteration with List Shifter! Let me know if you run into any other problems!


Next time you can start the video:

Hey hey it’s Keith from hellz :joy:


I would assume List Shifter Pro will be a plugin we can get in the Marketplace?

Oh, ha! I’m so used to writing “Calendar Grid Pro” that I just compulsively added Pro here…

These features are in “List Shifter Karma-Ware” plug-in that’s freely downloadable. It doesn’t enforce a subscription, but – if you use it and find value in it – there’s a contributions page at:

… where you can pay what you want, or pick from several options. :slight_smile:


Hey Keith, thank you for the tutorials! They’re quite useful, especially when used in conjunction with other client side plugins. The feature I’m more interested in is the iteration, but all of them seem interesting now that I went through the tutorials.

That said, I still can’t make iteration work without using “shifted list” on the field List to iterate over, it says “list is empty”. Can it be used with the “original list” option?
I think so, else you would not add the option. Then, how? And yes, “shifted list” works as expected, I change nothing when using the “original list” option.

My setup is this one:
Editor -
Run mode -

All it does is increment the number by one. Just a simple learning page.

On another thought, this plugin is quite promethean… I mean, the gods here forbade us from client side looping and you just brought it back. I think you’ll end up alive and unchained because your implementation is clean, tidier (over a well defined list, instead of just linking two client side workflows) and non official, which makes it not a Bubble team’s problem.

Anyway, any chance for us to get an “iteration finished” event? :smiley:
So we can freeze ourselves in a never ending loop by triggering the same “begin iteration” again. Just kidding, I promise I’ll use it in a good way :slight_smile: