List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now Part of Floppy

Hey @dehacked79, I’m not quite sure what you mean? Note that, in Bubble, there is no concept of an in-page or temporary object. There are only your custom datatypes (which Bubble calls “Things”).

Things can only be created by interaction with the database via the “create/make changes to/delete a Thing” workflow actions. And these operations can only be done via the Bubble programmer. Plugins cannot create, modify or delete Things. (There’s no API for that, which is likely intentional.) Plugins can only read data from the database that is sent to them (as when you feed List Shifter with a “Search for… some Thing”).

Additionally, the only data types a plugin can output are the built-in data types and your app data types (the Things you create in your database). So there’s no way for List Shifter (or any other plugin) to dynamically create some new object.

So what you can do is use a series of List Shifters to hold and/or create parallel lists of Things, primitive data types, etc. and then – if you need to turn those into some objects stored in your database, you can either (1) use List Shifter’s iterate feature to sequentially create some new objects while in the page or (2) pass these lists to a recursive API workflow or API workflow-on-a-list to create those objects.

I show an example of this in this video about shopping carts: 📒 What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble?