List Update Timing

Is there a way to keep track of when the last time a list of things was updated?

Use case scenario- I want to search for users that have added items to a list within a certain period of time. For instance, I want to show top users based on profile clicks. Ideally I would keep track of total profile clicks, this would be my list, and then I would want to be able to show top users that are trending within the last 24 hours (top users in last 24 hours based on profile clicks). Can I do this and how? I get that I would set a workflow that ever click on the users page adds to the users total clicks list. But how do I deal with the time issue to sort for only actions made to the list within the past 24 hours?

I think you have answered your own question in part.

add an update users last updated field and add this in to the relevant workflows.

then you just need to do a search for active users who’s last updated field is less than 24hrs from the current time.

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