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List vs workflows when displaying destinations on a map

Rideshare app {
.user chooses a destination;
.user:rich travels to store with uber;
.user:poor returns from store;

Destinations {

Users {
.tourists half will be traveling from the same places (hotels);
.locals (half will be traveling from their home or work;

When a user logs in, I want to store/retreive the user’s location and the distance to each destination.
Only then do I want to display a map of the destinations.

Why, you ask?
Right now it takes 2-5 seconds to get the distance returned from google each time someone clicks on a map marker. Each click is a single call and I’m not sure why it’s slow. Nothing else is going on in the background.

I’ve seen the pro/con discussions of lists vs. queries in this fine forum. Most have centered around scalability. That’s not an issue in this case, as there will be only 30 destinations.

So, workflow vs. a static list? Workflows haven’t worked so far, which is why I’m asking you.

I am forever in your debt.