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Listing a Page as an Option in a Re-Occurring Group

I’m running into an issue in using bubble to build a b2b marketplace and I’m hoping you are able to help.

I’ve created a page where vendors can upload product. The issue I’m running into is that there are 2 levels by which the product can be grouped. Product Level and Sku level.

The product name, image, and cost can all be grouped at the product level but the inventories, color, and size are all at the sku level.

As of now I have figured out how to display the product at a SKU level using a re-occurring group, but I would like to filter the skus to one page and have the page that the skus are filtered to display as an option.

I get how to group them to one page, but listing the page as an option is where I’m running into an issue. Are you able to assist?