Listing all elements in a single cell in a repeating group?

Just to cover the bases, do you have the element id option enabled in your app settings? (SettingsGeneralExpose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements)

If you do that and assign the rg-cell-wrap ID to your main (outer) RG, then you’ll have to tweak the CSS to target the inner (nested) RG. I think something like the following should work…

#rg-cell-wrap .RepeatingGroup {
   display: flex;
   flex-wrap: wrap;
   height: auto !important;
   min-height: auto !important;

That should apply the CSS to the inner RG instead of the main RG. (Note that the rg-cell-wrap ID needs to be added to the outer RG. Don’t include the # symbol when you enter the ID into the property editor.)

Seems like @NigelG has an even simpler solution though. :+1:


One final note… In my working example, the CSS is included in an HTML element which accompanies the RG. That’s done for ease of distribution. However, it should ideally be included at the page or app level of your app. You don’t want/need the CSS to be output in each cell.