Listing Values based on a search

I’m currently in the making of my first MVP of an idea of mine.

However, as I’ve layed out the basic interfaces’ of the app, I’ve come to a stop due to my lack of knowledge on how to create a ‘search-bar-tool’ that list multiple options based on the value the user have set in the search box.

I wan’t to be able to search for restaurants, resorts, clothing stores, just to mention a few (With special keywords / McDonald’s, Hilton Hotel, Dior etc.

I assume the configuration for a search on a specific topic is the same for whatever topic you’d like to add (Reference to the above) and so I hope there’s no need for any further information, otherwise let me know.

Hey @jonliels

You can structure your data in two different ways to do this:

  1. Either you put all the searchable data (restaurants, resorts, etc) in one data type, called Activities for example, and you set up an RG to display the results (names of Activities) based on the User’s search in the search box
  2. Or you can keep the searchable data as different data types and have a dropdown to let the user choose which kind of data to look for (restaurants, resorts, etc). You’ll then need some conditions on the RG to change the data source according to the User’s choice. Same as option 1, the RG will display results (names of Activities) based on the User’s search in the search box

Let me know if that makes sense


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