ListOfNumbers into table

Hello, I’m new here!
I have four ListOfNumbers element,
the (A) starts from 1 to 1000 incrementing 12
the (B) starts from 12 to 1000 incrementing 12
the (C) start from 1 to 1000 incrementing 50
the (D) start from 50 to 1000 incrementing 50

I want to show theses results in a table, like this:

1 12 1 50
13 24 51 100
25 36 101 150
37 48 151 200

To achieve this result, I did it using for RepeatingGroups, each one shows a specific list of numbers, but is not that I want, because I want to add another columns and format the style more easily.

I actually, intended to just have a list that starts from 0 to 1000 incrementing 1 by 1, and in a way that I can’t imagine, generate a table using (index MOD 12) results A,B (index MOD 50) results C,D. but I think it’s not possible.

that’s it for now.

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