Lists in Database

Hi All,

I’m struggling for the last days and appreciate your support.

I’m working I building an app where the user will input his products’ name, specs, description,… Etc and to be saved in the data as a list under project 1 and will make another inputs, etc for project 2,3,…etx, I made a data type for product with its fields will be updated from RG for it’s specs, name,… Etc, and another data type for project include list of products field, and user default data have list of projects field. my struggle is I cannot save each project separately in the data type project, each time the user enter new products, it is saved in product data as usual but it is saved in the project data list indidually not as separate list per each project, the user then will have a page which list summary of each project and a Link in each to navigate to each project details of the imbeded products differnt info.

Thanks and appreciate your inputs.