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Lists of lists of things- getting a total

I am so close to what I need to do. I have one pretty simple question.

I have officers as a thing, who have a list of shifts (a different thing) which have number fields for “hours” for the shift.

In an RG for officers, I can add a text box that adds Current Cell’s Officers > Shift Roster> Shift Hours, but it outputs it as (“8, 8”) instead of 16. Is there a way to get the total of this instead of the formatted string? This is literally the last thing I need to figure out, and then I can MVP this.


Hi there, @bkeating… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to add the :sum option to the end of the expression to get the desired outcome. Want to give that a shot?


That… is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Sorry, the real issue was it was a little unintuitive to figure out how to continue the expression. When I clicked “Hours” before, it ended the expression, so I thought I couldn’t continue it- but looks like it’s working now! Thanks :smiley:

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