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ListShifter Error

Hi everyone. I’m using List Shifter to search for a list of a particular data type with an empty field, then iterate over that list and add List Shifter’s current iteration index to the current iteration item’s empty field. In the process of iterating over this list I receive an error that seems to be related initialization, although I’m not sure (the List Shifter element is not hidden and the iteration is starting). Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

@keith any input would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Hi @AlexE ! welcome to the community!

List shifter as you probably know was developed by @keith who is always super supportive :grinning:

@boston85719 uses it frequently as well and he also may have some advice on the above.

Also, let me suggest that this inquiry be placed in Keith’s ListShifter post so that the responses you will likely receive can benefit others.

Hi @cmarchan, thanks for the welcome! I think this issue has been resolved but in the future if I have questions about this plugin I’ll make a post in the thread.

FYI for anyone having this same issue in the future:

I was using using this List Shifter after a CSV upload performed by a backend workflow. I’m not sure but I think this error may have been due to the backend workflow not being 100% finished before the List Shifter was triggered. I added an additional check to ensure the backend workflow was finished (checking the records last modified date rather doing a count of the new records) and after that I didn’t receive this error anymore.

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