[Little Addon] Console on bubble

So, most of you probably know how to do this and good on you! Really proud haha. But, I am really proud of it already. There is bugs here and there which I am fixing which will be listed below (if I didn’t list some. Please don’t be scared to post feedback! Very needed. Or even ways to fix it) and I have made this in about 5 minutes. Simple console. Simpler than having a whole management panel. This is a all in one!


As of now there is not much. Sorry! There is only:
help - obviously brings up the commands
deleteL - Delete’s logs
deleteGM - Delete’s global messages
(as said not much. And these need to be typed CORRECTLY like I have just showed. Otherwise, it won’t work)

Working on

-Fixing up the “Wrong command” log. It’ll show up as wrong even though it is a command
-Adding more commands
-Allowing the user to be sent to other pages on google. Possibly?
-Popups with user information (to ban/ipban etc)
-Adding a IP ban

Broken/not listed on the site

-addU - Makes a new user. Unfortunately, bubble doesn’t allow randomized emails which is a oof. I can’t do something like “test(calculate formula)@gmail.com”. The forumla to add random digits of course.
-addUTP - Temporary user. Unfortunately, still figuring how to make a countdown
-Google search


Thank you! It’s not a very nice design. But its something for now. Can also be used for Windows re-creations! Will be replying to replies daily!

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