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Live app is unresponsive on mobile

I just deployed my SportChat app live. It works well on my computer but is unresponsive on my phone. There are two major problems. I have a button on the index page that is supposed to redirect to a Signup/Login form. It does so on my computer. But, when I am on my phone, the button is usually unresponsive. When the button does work, I am not redirected to the Signup page. I stay on (or am redirected back to) the index page. I have no workflow that should cause that (such as a redirect to the index page if the user is not logged in).

I repeat - the app works fine on my computer, just not on the phone.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Do you have any elements that may be going over the button elements when the page width is decreased? Can you share a link to the editor?

Good idea - I did not think of that, but no, there is nothing that is overlaying the button elements.

EDIT: I discovered the problem. All of the pages in my app had the “Mobile Version” property set to “Index”. Consequently, when I attempted to redirect to another page while on my phone, I was redirected back to the Index page.

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