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Live Bubble scalability test

So do we users have any way to access that information to see which elements use the most resources? If so how do we use it or understand it? If not then wouldn’t that be an extremely useful diagnostic tool to make available to us?


That’s great news that it is now working for you!
What kind of search where you performing each x seconds for all users ?
Why was it so slow? Would you mind sharing a bit of advice here so that we don’t make the same mistake?

I was doing a feed like search showing activity on the site.

Oh ok so you mean that you had a search that was often updated because new items where often created by users ? Thank for sharing :slight_smile:

Exactly. A search that was updating every time a user did something. Apparently that load with every users? or something like that and used 70% of the resources.

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Definitely interested in this tool. I still battle long loading times for some sections of our app…

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Thanks for sharing that with us! I was wondering, how did you identify which workflow was consuming most of your server capacity?

it is very interesting investigation but having 38units you add 36x20$/m must really be worth!

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I think I owe the posting of a final conclusion.
When you need to scale your app, you may find hurdles in the process but you’ll have the bubble team as help and they will be very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process.

At this point we often times have 2k-3k active visitors on the site and 30k registered users overall, the server is at 18 units and everything runs smooth.

There will be things you may need to change or setup differently but you’ll be able to scale by getting more units - the units do work.

And for the units you aren’t just getting more power, but you are getting the bubble team whom becomes your IT department in the cloud.

Good luck you all.


At first this thread had me like :weary:
But the post above me has me feeling :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good to hear, but that is the sort of optimisation you should have been trying to do before continually ramping up units.

Poking around on Chrome Dev tools is good to see what pages and resources are hogs.


Thank you Cho. This was very interesting. We would be glad if you could sometimes make an update here, if you have something new to tell in the next weeks or months. Very interesting!!


Thanks a lot for taking time to share this story! Congratulations :slight_smile:
Can you post an updated version of these stats now that everything is running fine? I’d like to see what level the response times are now.

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This is by far the most entertaining post on the forum! And one of the most useful too!

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This is an awesome thread, @cho!! Thanks for sharing your experience about your app performance in connection to server capacity. We often get questions like how many users can Bubble handle and how fast the app will be… we’ll refer people to this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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@DaveA - any extensions you would recommend to us to use for this?

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First place to start is to simply clear all the caches, turn on record on the profiler and load the page.

Next thing you can do is use a web page stress test, there are some free basic ones out there like;
(and you can sign up if you want more advanced features). There are others around as well.


Thanks @DaveA , you’re awesome!

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I Know this topic is old.
But I would be grateful if anyone could recreate this test with the current state of Bubble, It would help us a lot in our development.


I’d check this topic: A fair and honest chat about Performance

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