Live database schema

How can I update my live database schema without deleting the live entries, as the live databases schema is not editable. After updating my schema in dev and I am aware that I cannot push to live because dev database entries are not the same as live entries due to live been in use.

Hi there, @alexdeveloperamaku… when you deploy to live, the data in the live database does not get overwritten by the data in the development database because the two databases are completely separate from a data perspective. So, it is safe for you to deploy schema changes from development to live without worrying about overwriting your data. You can overwrite your data in live with the data in the development database, but that is a completely separate action that, again, is not part of the deploy process.


Thanks mike

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One of the (many) things that happily surprises me with Bubble is how well it automatically manages the schema version changes between test and live. No more migration scripts, DB versioning tooling … it just works :slight_smile:

Yeah, did not realize that initially, bubble solves a lot of problems without you knowing