Live Domain - Pictures Won't Load and User Can't Sign In

I just moved my app to a custom domain. It works fine in that the page is there. I’m missing:

  1. All the pictures are gone.
  2. Lower headings missing.
  3. No users can sign in.

Any clue??

Live site:


Did you check the box to serve up the site over HTTPS? I don’t know if that is the cause of the problem, but was the first thing I thought to check.

Could you post screenshots of how it’s supposed to appear in your editor?

From my vantage point, I was able to log in using the credentials you listed and most all pictures seem to be displaying.

Here is the link to live:


Here is development:

Here are all the pictures.

It’s over https. Any other ideas? I did move it to live maybe two hours ago so is this maybe propagating?

Using the credentials you shared, on the live version, I’m getting an email confirmation needed popup. But I’m not getting it on the development version).

Note: I successfully signed up for an account on live with my own credentials. However, the email confirmations did not come through (both after first signup and when clicking the resend action). Might want to double check those workflows?

Is it possible that you have a privacy role that restricts access to certain data? Or that a workflow doesn’t kick off unless the email is confirmed?

I’ll break this up so it’s more clear.

  1. Yes. I agree with you. Same on my end. I’ve been using that email/PW for months in development and now it doesn’t work on live. Neither do any of the other emails I set up.

Confirmation email is set up correct but you are correct. It’s not working when you tell it to send email. the weird thing I have the exact same workflow on another page and it works fine.

Here is workflow that never sends email.

Here is the workflow that works perfectly.

The confirmation email just came through. Oddly long delay. Taking another look now…

  1. You are correct on the confirmations. The confirmation email usually comes in 2-5 minutes. All other workflow emails are in 30 seconds.

On the “resend confirmation” it never works on the workflow as you suggested. On the page that I sent above it’s working. Same workflows but doesn’t work.

  1. Privacy. I don’t see it. Will you look at my app if I give access?

Sure, feel free to send it to me in a private message.

When I try to sign in with my test account (which was verified for months) on live, I get this message. It makes no sense. It says I have to be logged in to get the “resend confirmation email” but how it that possible if I can’t log in? Weird.

Deploying to live doesn’t bring across user accounts or database data or server logs from the dev version. There is an option on the App Data to copy data to live, I’m not sure if users get copied also.

If this is the issue, its worth having a read of this topic …

Assuming you either fixed this or data has migrated? I can now see all pics.

Ah, got it. I found the issue. It’s a common question that comes up when people are navigating between development and live for the first few times.

Within your Bubble application, you have two different databases: one for development and one for live. What happens with one does not impact the other. (Ie. when you’re logged in to and create a new Project there, it isn’t going to show up on

Given that, you don’t have any data (yet) to display in your live app. You’ll want to either create new data or seed the live database with your development data.

When you want to transfer data between databases, Bubble has a few helpful features for doing so.

Go to the Data tab > App Data > Copy and Restore Database > Copy Development Data into the Live Database > All Types > fill out the text prompt > Confirm.

Give that a try and see if that takes care of things.