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Live from Barcelona -

Yesterday we went live with a beta version of

As a total non-coder, working in my free time, I had huge problems with Bubble in the beginning, and lots of issues and questions all the way through. I’m sure that the site will look and function completely differently in one year’s time, as we learn more. But I am so proud of what we have done so far.

I can’t thank the Bubble team enough for their vision, patience and love as we built this. A million thanks to @Emmanuel, @georgeciobanu and @josh.

And overwhelming thanks to everyone on the Forum for your guidance, examples and generosity.

Special thanks has to go to @NigelG, who was particularly helpful in the early stages, keeping my faith, and yet having so much FUN. Love you, man.


Looks very nice!

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great job!!!
And also nice to hear that there are more “bubblers” in Barcelona! :wink:

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Congrats. Your site looks cool and modern. You have given us non coders great inspiration. Bubble platform, team and forum is awesome.

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Great site, and well done :smile:

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