Live modification

I was modifying my application in the live version without knowing it, I think it’s new option?
But my question is, how can we get back modifications to the development version, to avoid loosing hour of work ?

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@anas001122 quick answer is you don’t - from what I understand Live is not saved!

With this window we can make changes saved within the live version. No?
I didnt see it before


If the changes are already live, not when you make changes in live.

I don’t understand the need or why it even exists for a user to be able to edit in ‘live’.

However, to answer your question I agree with @StevenM, that you’re unable to - to my knowledge.

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The need is to know if it’s possible to have changes made in the live version back to the development version, when changes are done directly in the live version. And how

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No you can not.

I believe this is a bug in the new deployment system.
@emmanuel live version is behaving the same way the development version works -changes are reflected immediately in the live version of the website. This is a serious problem!!!

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We’re looking into it


We pushed a fix for this issue and it is live.


Hi @neerja, thank you and all Bubble team for the fix. Can I ask what was the reason of adding limitation on the number of characters on the savepoint creation?

is this working for you? i made one save point successfully and then the rest are not showing up and there is no confirmation when we click the create save point button…

i posted in bugs here:

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