Live Preview mode

Hello Bubblers,

I think Bubble’s deploying process is very good. But I think it to be more efficient.
Below are my ideas:

“Live Preview” is the third preview mode , additional to Dev. preview and Live preview.
While you are using Development more, If you push “LivePreview” button, Then the preview page using “Live” data.
It only works if your Development data structure is same as Live.

It provide to you whether if you need to add more changes before deploying or not. I think it’s feature is very useful(especially to me).

What do you think about this idea?


So basically a preview but using the live database instead of the development database. I think this isn’t is a bad idea.



Super idea in fact. No need to refresh the screen for our users when testing. I suggest to put your idea on Bubble Ideaboard
@nickc :muscle:


Thanks a lot.
I put this idea on Bubble ideaboard as “Live Preview”.

(Sadly, These new idea are on the bottom.)