Live Stream From Riverside to Bubble App

I record and interview people for my business using Riverside (similar to Zoom).

I would like to be able to live stream from Riverside directly into my bubble app to allow people to watch the interviews live from inside our app.

Riverside enables you to create an RTMP feed to connect to players for live streaming but I’m unsure how to connect this into Bubble.

Any ideas of video players/plugins that would enable this?

Thanks in advance.

To my knowledge there is no RTMP server plugin available for Bubble. You would need to use an intermediary service like Vimeo or Mux to receive the RTMP stream and then provide the .m3u8 URL that you could plug in to the VideoJS plugin or similar. Or you could embed a Vimeo player directly. YouTube would be a free option if that is acceptable for you use case.
Another option would be to self-host an RTMP server using something like Owncast, but that would really only be applicable for a relatively small audience.