Live Stripe Payments issue

Hey all,
I am using the following plugins:
Stripe by Bubble
Stripe Customer Portal by Cranford Tech

Upon trying to add my stripe product prices in development mode, I had no issue, but when testing the live environment, I encountered this:


I switched to live data base mode and navigated to my workflows to find that the prices are there in test mode but not in live mode.

When trying to make the changes to add the live mode prices I was met with this:

live only-prompt

How do I get my pricing to show up in live mode?

Make sure that Price ID exists on the Live version of Stripe.

Hi, did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue right now.

I did. Sorry for the late response. So essentially live data is means you’re also running the live version on your app, which means you need to be using live plan details, and not test plan details. So you will need to either A. have a bubble account that allows you to view multiple branches aside from your main development branch, and use one branch for live mode data, and the other for test mode data, or you have to launch your live mode data blind and test it with after you make the plan name changes for live mode and publish the changes. Does that make sense?