Live Users data showed up on dev version database

Good day everyone. I have had several users signing up recently, i suddenly realized 3 emails on my Dev data base. How is it possible that they are entering data in the dev version. ?

I need urgent help

Hi there, @ehijiagboneclement… I believe the only way that could happen is if the users somehow have a link to the version-test sign-up page of your app. If the emails also exist in the live database, maybe the data was copied into the development database. Other than those things, I can’t think of any other way that could happen.


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I’ve got no idea, obviously…

But one possibility is that you’ve included a link back to your dev site somewhere in your live site without realising it…

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apparently the glitch is from postmark. Postmark sent a welcome email with the dev link for only 3 out of several users. except there are more i am yet to see.

I have to find a way to ensure it does not happen again. I am also worried that those users have had access to confidential data on the dev side. is this possible?

Unless you did something like removing all of the privacy rules in the development version of your app, the dev version works the same as the live version, so you don’t have to worry that those folks accessed data they wouldn’t have been able to see in the live version.

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If that’s the welcome email, then it must have happened before that…

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Thank you. @mikeloc and @adamhholmes I will read up on privacy settings and put a direct live link on the postmark email sender.

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