Load a database record with all field's values into memory

I’m building a task manager.

In an effort to try and minimize the amount of database searches (and WUs) I want to do a search when the user logs in to load all current tasks into memory.

I do this and it works fine, but what I’ve realized is that only the unique IDs are actually getting loaded. The values of all the fields do not load into memory, so the next time I need to view a task, there is another database search to get the field values.

How can I load my data, including all field values, into memory so I can minimize my database searches?


Share how and what do you search for

What makes you think that?

If only the unique IDs are being loaded then you’re not actually loading the things at all.

What are you currently doing?

I’ve tried a few options.

I added repeating groups in a hidden popup with the data source as my search for that data type. I did not “display” anything in each cell though.

I also tried it by displaying one field.

Currently I’m using a plugin Listopia which manages lists. I realize this plugin only retrieves the IDs to manipulate the lists, but it didn’t seem different from the RGs in terms of searches.

The reason I think only the IDs are getting loaded is that when I use the RGs in a popup, if I use the RG on my page to view the list (with the hidden RG as the datasource), as I display each row with the fields, I can see in my server logs that there were database searches. As I drill into them, I can see that the searches are for the data that I thought was in memory already.

How do others approach this issue to preload data (including all fields) into memory?

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