Load city RG on page load once by IP address

Hi all…can anyone help with this…

I have 8 city’s on my web app, each city is its own RG so 8 - RG’s. There’s a default city the home page will always load first. The end user can manually change from city to city to check out what they might.

This is done simply by clicking/pressing the location (Text Input).

I am trying to upgrade the web app so the first city that loads on our home page is based off the end users IP address. I can successfully pull the End Users IP address currently but am having trouble with an appropriate workflow.

The problem is, the End User is returned to the city his IP address is in each time he leaves the home page. This is a problem if he/she is purposely looking at another location. they are forced to have to reclick that city once more

does anybody have any ideas on how I can achieve this?

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